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Aims of LPRA

  1. Identify problems which affect residents’ quality of life and to ensure that Lea Park remains a safe and pleasant place to live.

  2. Find solutions to problems that arise.

  3. Represent residents’ concerns to local and national government and other agencies having authority over Lea Park.

  4. Help put groups of residents in touch with voluntary, private and public organizations which may be able to assist them in maintaining and repairing the shared areas of Lea Park.

  5. Actively campaign for changes and improvements in the area.

  6. Enable residents to help and support one another in delivering a better environment.

Why join LPRA?

  • More members gives LPRA greater influence with those who make a difference, both positive and negative, to our neighbourhood

  • By being a member you have a household vote. The constitution allows voting on some issues by email and not just at the AGM

  • How much you get involved with LPRA is totally up to you – as little or as much as you would like


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