Facts about The Moats Historic England site on Lea Park

Five facts about ‘The Moat’

  1. The Moat is a Monument scheduled under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

  2. During the 15th century the Baldington family owned land in the ‘Old’ part of Thame. The Manor house of Baldington manor also known as Place House was where the Cattle Market is now, in North Street.

  3. It is thought that Baldington family owned the fish ponds which were on land once known as the Moats Close (now Barley Hill School’s field) and this was joined both with the grounds of Place House and the Lea Park Moats.

  4. 1986 Ancient Monuments Oxfordshire recorded that, ‘the Moat was of the Medieval period’.

  5. Ancient Monuments described it as:-

  • A fine moated site, trapezoidal in shape, with all four arms remaining

  • To the north/west lies an internal L-shaped ditch.

  • To the north of the site is a series of fishponds.


The Doomsday book of 1086 divided the country into counties,hundreds and manors. Each manor was given financial value. The value of the manor in Thame was £30

Thank you to thame.net thame.museum historicengland.org.uk Lucy @ Heritage List Enquiries, also Alan Hickman and the staff at Thame Museum and Steve Brandish.

Our aim is to gather more information and apply for permission to design and construct a Notice Board for ‘the Moat’.

If there is anyone who has expertise in this area do contact us, we would value your support.

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